Posted by | January 26, 2023
FDA Stalls on Regulating CBD/Hemp, yet Consumer Protections Needed Now

It’s been nearly five years since Congress gave the regulatory control of CBD products to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under action of the 2018 Farm Bill. For five...

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Posted by | May 13, 2021
Banking Troubles Still Limiting Hemp Businesses – Large & Small

“We believe the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill will resolve those issues,” Senate Majority Leader McConnell had his staffers tell me. He was wrong. Since the passage of the...

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cannabis plays role in epilepsy cure since 1949
Posted by | September 5, 2019
Nearly Century Old research proves cannabis’ effectiveness in battling epilepsy, migraines, asthma, spasms…

A look inside 70-year old research and how the FDA should respond Over the past two decades, since California legalized medical marijuana cannabis in 1996, the United States Food and...

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Posted by | May 30, 2019
Symptoms of Lyme Disease & Self Diagnosis

"I remember the rash, I don't remember the tick." Lyme Disease often starts with self diagnosis. Here is my experience over a two-year span.

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Annie Rouse presents on building with hemp
Posted by | April 17, 2019
Building with Hemp… and some speaking lessons

This video is one of my first official presentations on hemp. When I was living in Calgary, I drove up to Edmonton to the DIRTT Environmental Solutions HQ during their...

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Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy
Posted by | December 11, 2018
Morganization – S2 E3 – John Lupien

On Episode 3 of Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy, we investigate the financial, chemical and agricultural powers that destroyed cannabis. We also interview hemp entrepreneur and historian John Lupien about...

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Hemp Regulation Created Camaraderie
Posted by | November 19, 2018
Inside the Hemp Industry

Trials and Tribulations of Working in the Regulated Hemp Industry and What is to Come Five years ago packed my bags and moved to Canada on a Fulbright Scholarship to...

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William Randolph Heast's Castle
Posted by | November 12, 2018
Hearst’s Castle – S2 E2 – Courtney Moran, LL. M

On Episode 2 of Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy, we investigate media mogul William Randolph Hearst's role in supporting Anslinger's Army of Allies. We also interview cannabis attorney and lobbyist...

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Posted by | November 5, 2018
Anslinger’s Army of Allies – S2 E1 – Matt Pembleton

On Season 2 Episode 1 of Anslinger the Untold Cannabis Conspiracy, we investigate four paradigm shifts that changed the course of American identity. We also interview author of Containing Addiction,...

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baby saliva
Posted by | April 17, 2018
US Government Has Patent for Saliva

US Government Has Patent for Saliva This is 100% serious. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the assignee on Patent 6630507. What is it for? Saliva. Cannabis...

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