Happy International Hemp Day!

Food - Fiber - Fuel - Future - HEMP

International Hemp Day Food - Fiber - Fuel - Future - HEMP

Happy International Hemp Day! Why today? Today separates 4-20 aka Annual Cannabis Consumption Day or National Pot Smoking Day and 4-22 aka Earth Day!

But isn’t hemp cannabis? Yes. It is. 

Table of hemp products

But since 1937 industrial hemp has been coupled with marijuana under the cannabis species and it is time to separate the two. So why not start the separation process by giving industrial hemp it’s own celebratory day. You aren’t smoking it anyways!

Instead celebrate International Hemp Day by doing something pro-hemp and environmental friendly.


Because adding industrial hemp into the U.S. agricultural system will benefit our nation’s soils. Hemp’s long roots feed micro-organisms living deep in the soils. Healthy soils absorb higher rates of carbon; therefore, reducing ocean acidification providing more life to ocean species.   The long roots also help absorb metals from soil. The finished product of hemp is a superfood, or a nutrient dense food. Superfoods will be essential in feeding a world of 9 billion. Not to mention all hemp foods are non-GMO, and no pesticides are currently approved for use in the U.S., so it’s organic!

So how should you celebrate?

Buy hemp pWhole Foods Hemp and Carrot Patteroducts and share information on hemp with your friends, family and strangers. Cook with hemp. Dress in hemp. Plant hemp (if it’s legal in your state and you have approval). Look fabulous in your hemp cosmetics. Do it all!

Beyond wearing, eating, buying and sharing hemp, don’t forget about the environmental aspect. International Hemp Day also celebrates the Earth. Contribute to making a positive environmental impact potential. Celebrate Earth Day two days in a row! So ride your bike, walk, or carpool. Buy local. Object to unnecessary plastics. Plant a tree. Repurpose materials. Recycle. Change your habits. And make the switch from harsh petroleum products to rapidly renewable materials, like HEMP!

And always remember to Think Hempy Thoughts!

It’s not just a thought, it’s a way of life.


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