Hemp Food

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Laura’s Hemp Chocolate Wafers

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11 wafers per bag

Ingredients: dark chocolate, organic hemp hearts, and chocolate nibs, which are pure cacao

Vegan Chocolate Wafers with a Light Hemp Heart Crunch

Hempy Holiday Gift Basket

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Limited Time Only Holiday Gift Basket!

Laura’s Hemp Chocolate Wafers – Victory Hemp Foods Hemp Hearts – Green Remedy 135mg CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture is All Natural Flavor (Peppermint Flavor available upon request)

All products are grown & processed in Kentucky – Kentucky Proud

Hemp Oil

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Hemp Protein

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8 oz packaging, Kentucky grown processed Non-GMO hemp protein

50% protein. Great source of L-Arginine and L-Glutamic Acid

Enjoy in smoothies and in pastas as flour!

Hemp Hearts

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12 oz packaging, Kentucky grown and processed Non-GMO hemp hearts

30% protein. All 9 essential amino acids and a sustainable source of Omega-3

Enjoy in salads, pastas, eggs, yogurt and just about anything!