Women’s Short Sleeve Hemp T-Shirt

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60% hemp 40% tencel Women’s Round Neck T-shirt

Hand-drawn Think Hempy Thoughts logo.

Made by Vital Hemp in the U.S.A.


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Sold By: Think Hempy Thoughts
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Why hemp textiles?

Hemp’s natural fibers have anti-microbial properties and breathability making your clothes stay fresh, longer! The environmental impact of  hemp textile production is far less than polyester textiles and even cotton. Hemp agriculture systems require little herbicide and pesticides, reducing the pollutants into our soils and waterways. Hemp’s long roots increase microbial movement in soils leading to more efficient carbon sequestration. Common fibers like polyester are synthetic fibers made from oil. The production of these fibers is energy and chemically intensive. Polyester fibers never degrade in landfills and oftentimes end up in our oceans. Conversely, natural fibers will degrade! Also, these Think Hempy Thoughts t-shirts are dyed with natural dyes too! These natural dyes are better for skin and less harmful to our waterways in comparison to chemical dyes!

Buy hemp. Buy natural.

Think Consciously. Think Hempy Thoughts.

These shirts were hand-sown, dyed and printed in the U.S. by Vital Hemp. Vital Hemp sets high standards for their suppliers ensuring transparency in production! For more hemp wear check out Vital Hemp!