Think Hempy Thoughts Launches Anavii Market for Quality Verified CBD

Think Hempy Thoughts Launches Anavii Market for Quality Verified CBD

Think Hempy Thoughts has spun our marketplace into a new brand. We would like to now welcome everyone to Anavii Market – an online retailer powered by plant-based alternatives where you can find, compare and buy quality, third-party verified hemp-derived CBD.

Anavii Market has implemented the Verified Life Cycle standard for CBD verification and is now housing all of Think Hempy Thoughts’ retail under the Anavii Market brand. You can shop for Anavii Market’s products through Think Hempy Thoughts or visit directly.

Anavii Market for quality CBD

Why the new brand?

With so much to learn in the cannabis industry, we felt Think Hempy Thoughts best served as an educational outlet for hemp news, research and the podcast Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy,” produced by A. Rouse Production.

Think Hempy Thoughts initially started the market as an outlet to find the best quality, third-party verified CBD products, but our vision is to expand beyond that. The name change is the first step in that process. We want you to Create Your Ripple in this world in a positive manner, and changing consumer patterns is the best way to start!

“Anavii Market provides an alternative way of living – a lifestyle powered by plant-based alternatives, meant to balance our body’s system.”

– Annie Rouse, Founder 

What's in the name?

This rebranding has been a long time coming, and the biggest hold up was what to name it! How do we find a great name that matches our vision, is likeable, doesn’t have a bad connotation, isn’t already popular, and has an available domain? It sounded impossible!

But, after A LOT of experimentation, a friend came up with the word “alternavivo,” by combining the words “alternative” and “vivo,” a Spanish term meaning “I live.” Our Founder, Annie Rouse, has always been enthralled in Spanish culture and has even spent a lot of time learning the Spanish and Latin American language and cultures abroad. It suited her lifestyle and the brand, but it was too long.

So we quickly shortened it to:


then “Navi,”

but “Navi” was too short. We wanted three syllables, so we added an “A.”

The word “Anavi” in Sanskrit means “kind to people,” which definitely matched our core belief system, but we wanted our own word.

So we added a final “i” making the word “Anavii,” meaning an “alternative lifestyle.”

Anavii Market Pronunciation

Anavii Market provides an alternative lifestyle by creating a transparent marketplace for the conscious consumer. Our Verified Life Cycle seal of approval supports CBD products that have completed our rigorous application process and whose products have been analyzed in accordance. All of the CBD products have been tested for quality assurance and approved, with their lab-tested phytocannabinoid spectrum available on Anavii Market.

We also will continue to offer other natural products, like hemp chocolates, hemp hearts, hemp textiles and more!


Find Anavii Market on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @AnaviiMarket

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