Tokyo Broadcasting System Films Atalo Holdings for Japanese Television Program

Yesterday Japan learned a little more about Kentucky’s industrial Graves with bag of cleaned grainhemp industry after interviewing CEO of Atalo Holdings, Andy Graves for the Japanese program entitled, Sekai Fushigi Hakken. The program has over 20 million viewers and is a series that extends the globe “introducing (the) audience to different cultures, technology, and historical events.” The episode featuring Graves focuses on industrial hemp and its effectiveness in diet, anti-aging and rejuvenation of the brain and body as well as the growth in production and product use throughout the U.S.

Graves enlightened the reporter on the hemp heart, hemp oil and CBD products’ health and medicinal benefits. The crew also learned about other hemp-based products like sustainable building materials, realizing that one of the oldest hemp houses, dating back to 1698, actually exists in Nagano, Japan in the Miasa Village.

CBD fieldThe crew received a first-hand field tour with Graves in Atalo’s 27-acre CBD field, then travelled to the hemp grain field which enlightened the crew on the difference in growing techniques for extracting the various raw materials from the plant. The reporter tasted the hemp grain straight off of the plant in Atalo’s hemp-seed field, experiencing the nutty and nutritious taste of the grain. Afterwards the crew departed for another interview with a professor researching industrial hemp at the University of Kentucky. The program will air November 21, 2015.

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