Welcome to Think Hempy Thoughts. My team and I are on a mission to build a sustainable and certified hemp supply chain, for you and me... And in our spare time helping spread the good word about hemp. Check out some of our activities.

Think Hempy Thoughts
Overcome Every Day Hemp Products

The First Step Is To Say You Can

Overcome hemp products use our sustainable supply chain to formulate products that help you Overcome life’s greatest challenges. It has sure helped me overcome every day as I battle Lyme Disease.


Hemp Mellow CBD Products

Make Life a Breeze

Formulated with 0.3% ∆-9-THC and Naturia+, our patent pending organic process that maximizes bioavailability, Hemp Mellow is the strongest legal hemp product on the market created to help you Make Life a Breeze.


Nature's Hemp Oil for Pets

Make Life Less Ruff

Providing your four legged friends with a relaxing and nutritious blend of cannabinoids and hempseed oil. Supports night terrors, joint discomfort, and separation anxiety.


OP Innovates private label and white label CBD products

Private Label & White Label Cannabinoid Formulations

OP Innovates is our hemp formulations company dedicated to delivering the world’s most effective cannabinoids in the most sustainable manner using our patent-pending organic delivery system termed Naturia+ that maximizes bioavailability the way Mother Nature intended.



Greenman Gardens hemp supply company

Hemp Supplies: Genetics, Floral Material, Extract

Rooted in soils where hemp thrives, Greenman Gardens offers hemp clone genetics, sustainable farming, and extraction services.


Anavii Market for vetted & verified CBD

Vetted & Verified CBD Oil & Hemp Products

Providing the world’s first platform for vetted & verified CBD oil products curated by industry experts. Don’t waste your time trying to determine quality, we’ve done the work for you!


Friends of hemp

Giveback to the Hemp Industry

Friends of hemp is advancing the value of hemp by engaging our communities. Become a Friend of Hemp by donating to our Hemp for Our Future Campaign.


Anslinger podcast

A Narration-Interview Podcast Series

Uncover the story of Harry Anslinger, Chief of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930-1962 and the originator of nearly all the cannabis regulations and narcotic enforcement strategies that still exist today.


Think Hempy Thoughts radio capiche.fm

Think Hempy Thoughts Radio

Join hemp experts Annie Rouse & Keith Butler as they discuss and interview other industry veterans about the ins and outs of hemp and cannabis regarding uses, research, policy, products, history and beyond — it’s not just CBD and THC, but so much more!


Think Consciously. Think Hempy Thoughts.

Hemp 101

Know nothing? Start here to learn the basics of hemp grain, fiber and cannabinoids. Oh the market opportunities!

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp that possesses therapeutic benefits.

Hemp Production

The basics of what you need to grow hemp. Want to give it a try? Talk to a farmer. It’s harder than it seems. Hemp needs a lot of TLC, not THC!

CBD Benefits

The World Health Organization recently reviewed CBD to have therapeutic benefit and no addictive qualities.

Hemp History

Hemp may seem new and hip but it’s one of the oldest crops on earth. It may have been strategically forgotten, but it’s back, baby!

CBD Patent

The US Department of Health and Human Services holds patent 6630507 referencing cannabinoids like CBD to be antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

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