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About Us

When Founder Annie Rouse was studying the environmental life cycle of hemp in Canada under a U.S. Fulbright Scholarship, she realized that products were being labeled as ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ simply because they contained hemp; however, the product itself was no better than the alternative. It was during this experience that she realized that a product is only as sustainable as the inputs it takes to produce it— from the agricultural inputs, to the ingredients, to the energy and water use, to the packaging and transportation, to the people that are manufacturing it. She decided that if hemp were really going to “save the world,” then we at least needed to start the industry off on the right foot—through accountability, transparency, education and quality control.

With a passion for hemp and the environment and educating consumers on conscious consumption, she decided to launch Think Hempy Thoughts, a brokerage and marketplace for the conscious consumer. All the products available for sale within Think Hempy Thoughts’ platform have been third-party verified through Verified Life Cycle, Inc., a non-profit devoted to verifying the producers’ transparency, accountability and product quality while ensuring that the industrial hemp supply chain is built in the most sustainable manner possible.

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