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Founder Annie Rouse in Banff National Park, Alberta in 2013
Founder Annie Rouse in Banff National Park, Alberta - 2013

I was first inspired by industrial hemp when I was eight years old and my dad worked with Woody Harrelson to plant hemp in Kentucky in an effort to distinguish hemp from marijuana. My interest in hemp stuck with me as I went on to college, then graduate school. In 2013 I received funding from the U.S. Department of State under a Fulbright Scholar to study the environmental impact of hemp in Canada before production was legal in the US.

When I returned to Kentucky after the 2014 Farm Bill passed, the hemp hype was centered around CBD. While I was intrigued by CBD, I questioned the legitimacy of the product and continued to work with the fiber and grain. But, as I worked, I began to notice odd aliments that I was suddenly experiencing, like fatigue, arthritis, loss of feelings in my hands and feet, dehydration, sudden allergies, sensitivity to light, and minor cognitive dysfunction.

As I scoured the CDC website, I found all my symptoms under one disease, alongside a bulls-eye rash I recalled having on my arm after a weekend in Banff National Park. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease that had gone untreated for over two years.

After learning that Lymes Disease was an inflammatory issue, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services held a patent on cannabinoids as an antioxidant, I decided I would give CBD a try. I started on a 14-day trial where I monitored my activity and physical being. CBD seemed to help my symptoms. When I ran out of the first brand, I grabbed another bottle I had been given. This brand did not seem to have the same positive effects on my body. Unfortunately, this became a consistent experience – some brands helped, others did not.

The ultimate reasoning for these discrepancies is because there is no regulating body monitoring the efficacy and quality of the products. I decided to do something about it.

So I expanded my blog into an online marketplace called Anavii Market and created a third-party verification called Verified Life Cycle to monitor the quality of the CBD products the marketplace sells.

My passion for the industry is rooted in my childhood and expands through my own health. I want to extend my experience to others by ensuring the highest quality CBD products, so my customers can experience confidence in the products I provide them. And that is exactly what Think Hempy Thoughts, Anavii Market and Verified Life Cycle were created to do.


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