What to look for in the Best CBD Oil Brand:

CBD oil is the hot new health and wellness trend captivating America because of its beneficial functions to our brain’s endocannabinoid system, but what do you look for in CBD oil and how do you find the best CBD oil brand? We have outlined what to look for and which brands to buy, so you can have the best bang for your buck!


How to Find the Best CBD Oil:

1. Full spectrum CBD oil v CBD isolate

  • Full spectrum CBD oil is CBD oil plus other minor cannabinoids and sometimes terpenes that combine to formulate an “entourage effect,” commonly believed to provide more therapeutic benefit can just CBD oil.
  • CBD isolate is the isolated CBD compound at 99.7% purity. It is more processed because the CBD oil must be removed from the extract and formulated into a crystalline substance. CBD isolate is beneficial if anyone is commonly drug tested, particularly if the drug test monitors the concentration of “marijuana metabolites” in nanograms.

2. Consider the Concentration of CBD oil

Example of CBD oil concentration

Example of concentration in the entire bottle. A 1oz bottle contains 1,500mg

  • Concentration of CBD oil for the entire bottle is commonly referenced on the front of the label, usually next to the container size, and is provided in milligrams (mg). You can often find concentrations ranging from 100mg to 3000mg of CBD oil (which may be CBD and other minor cannabinoids).
  • The concentration per serving is normally written in the supplement or nutritional facts panel, and is sometimes referred to as CBD oil, hemp extract, or PCR.
  • 100mg is a very low quantity and sometimes is found on the market to be way over-priced, so be careful what you pay for.

3. Consider the Size of the CBD Oil Bottle

  • Normally, a tincture will be a 1-ounce bottle, but sometimes you can find bottles that are 2oz or more. This can complicate the concentration, particularly because there are no standards for labeling in the industry. It is important to consider the size of the bottle when reading the concentration. A 3000mg 2 oz bottle of Full Spectrum CBD Oil would actually be 1500mg per oz, making each serving approximately 50mg of CBD oil and other minor cannabioids. Similarly, a 500mg 2 oz bottle of Full Spectrum CBD Oil would only be 250mg per 1 oz, making each serving approximately 8mg of CBD oil and other minor cannabinoids. This is very important when determining the price per mg.

4. Find the Best Price for CBD oil

  • Unfortunately, there are scammers on the market that are taking advantage of the high price of CBD oil, but we are here to tell you — consider the price per mg of CBD oil. Currently market prices are anywhere between $0.06 and $0.15 per mg of CBD oil. Don’t pay $40 for 100mg of CBD oil. The company is ripping you off!
  • When a company has a higher price tag for their CBD oil, consider the company — are they vertically integrated or are they sourcing it from Europe? If they are vertically integrated, it is likely their prices will be a little higher than a company sourcing from Europe.

5. Look for Third-Party Verified CBD Products & Reputable Lab Tests

  • Quality is key in the CBD oil market, especially with the high prices of CBD. The last thing you want is to pay $60 for a what you think is CBD oil but is really just cold-pressed hemp oil (commonly found on Amazon).
  • When shopping, look for third-party verified CBD products
  • Scan the manufacturers website for lab tests
  • Make sure those lab tests are third-party lab tests and not in-house lab tests – third-party labs to look out for include SC labs, ProVerde, Steep Hill, Botanicor and Eurofins
  • If the lab tests are not available, ask the manufacturers for their tests
  • Look for reputable brands

Where to Find the Best CBD Oil Brands

It’s definitely a tasking process to consider the above, when shopping for the best CBD oil brand, that’s why we have made it easy for you! We’ve been dedicated to the hemp and CBD oil industry for a while now and in this process have tried a lot of brands out there, visited many facilities, conversed with the owners and analyzed the lab results. In that time, we’ve determined that the below are the best CBD oil brands on the market, and here’s why!

Nature’s Hemp Oil


Nature's Hemp Oil Best CBD OilLocation: Kentucky

Extraction Method: CO2

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, Pet Tincture

Price point: $$

Shop Nature’s Hemp Oil

Why we love Nature’s Hemp Oil!

Nature’s Hemp Oil’s vibrant design portrays a happy and warm feeling. The company chose orange to stand out among all the green, and they chose correctly. Like the quality and attention-to-detail in the design of the brand, the quality is no different, which makes Nature’s Hemp Oil stand out as one of the best CBD oil brands.

Nature’s Hemp Oil ensures third-party laboratory testing through Pro-Verde labs for cannabinoids and terpene profiles, plus contaminants. Nature’s Hemp Oil is a Kentucky-based company that works directly with local farmers and processors to ensure their 100%* hemp product (*not including the flavoring) is top quality Kentucky CBD oil.

The brand has a limited line of products, with only two human products and one pet product, but on Anavii Market, Nature’s Hemp Oil has received outstanding reviews as one of the best CBD oils for anxiety and one of the top CBD oils for pain relief.

What we dislike:

Limited product line, but we hear there are more on the way.

Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil Salve Best CBD Oil Brand


Location: Kentucky

Extraction Method: Ethanol

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, salves, softgels

Price point: $$$

Shop Ananda Hemp

Why we love Ananda Hemp!

Ananda Hemp is a vertically integrated Kentucky company whose founder, Phil Warner, is a true visionary in the hemp industry.  When we think of Phil we envision a Steve Erwin-type persona, but instead of an Australian “Crocodile Hunter” Phil is an Australian “Hemp Hunter” who collected rare hemp varieties from the depths of fields, forests and riverbanks across all six habitable continents.

Like Phil, Ananda Hemp thinks industry first. Ananda Hemp has been at the forefront in regulatory battles and standards development since 2014. The company’s immaculate, brand new $10 million facility in Cynthiana rejuvenated a farming economy in a small-town Kentucky town, which is also known for “Walking Dead.”Ananda Hemp also hosts Kentucky Hemp Days during Hemp History Week that features Kentucky’s hemp industry.

The quality of their operations is apparent in the quality of their CBD oil, which is why we have ranked Ananda Hemp as one of the best CBD oil brands available. Ananda Hemp provides third party laboratory testing for cannabinoids and contaminants alongside a thick packet of compliance and company guidelines.

And if you like their CBD oil, just wait until they release their hemp clothing line, Hemp Black.

What we dislike:

They once had an amazing CBD soap, but they discontinued it.

Plus CBD Oil

Plus CBD Oil Gold Softgels Best CBD Oil Brands


Location: European

Extraction Method: CO2

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Salves, softgels, capsules, sprays

Price point: $$

Shop Plus CBD Oil

Why we love Plus CBD Oil!

Plus CBD Oil is a well-oiled machine driven by hard-working employees who understand how to navigate the natural products industry. The brand has been at the forefront of the industry, paving grounds at Natural Products Expo West and East and has lead legislative lobbying efforts across the country, particularly in states with well-known rough regulatory problems, like Indiana.

Plus CBD Oil may import their CBD from Europe but they also go to great lengths to give back to hemp communities within the US, like supporting non-profits, like Friends of Hemp, FFA, and sponsoring Hemp History Week.

Plus CBD Oil delivers quality with their Seed-to-Sale supply chain and a large variation in product types. This brand is America’s top selling CBD oil, breaking grounds into frontier markets which is why we chose it as one of the best CBD oil brands!  Have you joined the evolution?

What we dislike:

It’s European hemp. We prefer supporting the American farmer.

Palmetto Harmony

Palmetto Harmony 600mg cbd oil tincture best cbd oil brand


Location: Colorado, Kentucky, South Carolina

Extraction Method: Solvent-free Botanical Oil

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, capsules, patches, suppositories, pet products

Price point: $$$

Shop Palmetto Harmony

Why we love Palmetto Harmony!

Palmetto Harmony is not just your everyday CBD oil brand. Palmetto Harmony was named after the Founder, Janel Ralph’s daughter who suffers from Lissencephally, a rare genetic disorder causing severe seizures.

After failed medications, Janel tried CBD oil for her daughter and found tremendous success, reducing her seizures and cutting her medication needs in half.

Janel was happy with the results of her CBD oil but knew there were bad actors on the market, so Janel decided to launch her own CBD oil brand. And when it comes to processing and quality control, Janel keeps her daughter, Harmony, in mind guaranteeing the best CBD oil for users.

Palmetto Harmony offers a wide range of products and uses a unique bio-based extraction technique that is solvent-free. The company also loves to support the domestic hemp economy by providing donations and support for industry organizations.

What we dislike:

The products are a little pricey, but quality doesn’t come cheap.

Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals Best CBD Oil Brands


Location: Colorado

Extraction Method: Ethanol and CO2

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, capsules

Price point: $

Shop Bluebird Botanicals

Why we love Bluebird Botanicals!

Bluebird Botanicals is a staple brand in the CBD oil space. They maintain consistency by offering 3 simple tinctures at a low concentration of 250mg or a high concentration at 6x the 250mg for a total of 1500mg. Their Classic blend is a 100% hemp blend with cold-pressed hemp oil and CBD Oil. Their Signature blend is a fantastic combination of CBD oil, minor cannabinoids and terpenes and their Complete blend is a 50/50 CBD /CBDa blend, providing an effective means for consuming cannabidolic-acid, the raw form of CBD.

Beyond their immaculate blends, the price is some of the best in the business and the company actively supports the domestic hemp industry lending the brand to our Best CBD Oil Brands Collection.

What we dislike:

Limited flavoring so not ideal if you want a masking flavor.

Green Remedy

Green Remedy CBD Oil 500mg Best CBD Oil Brands


Location: Kentucky

Extraction Method: CO2

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, capsules

Price point: $$

Shop Green Remedy

Why we love Green Remedy!

Green Remedy is a vertically integrated CBD manufacturer from the heart of Kentucky. Their owners grow their own CBD oil in greenhouses and also contract with farmers throughout the state, supporting the domestic economy.

Their dedication to quality is understood in their passion for the products they provide and the industry as a whole. They not only maintain consistency in their products, but also have a deep passion for environmental quality as well. They aim to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing packaging, reusing materials where appropriate, and maintaining clean, chemical-free fields, giving way for becoming a best CBD Oil brand.

What we dislike:

They keep changing their label, but in general their new label could use some work.


Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm Best CBD Oil Brand


Location: Colorado

Extraction Method: CO2

Third-party tests: Yes

Variety of products: Tinctures, balms, chapstick, multi-functional tincture

Price point: $$

Shop Elixinol

Why we love Elixinol!

The hemp industry tremendously lacks in funding support due to regulatory hurdles but Elixinol has taken enormous strides to counter-act this problem through their giveback program. Elixinol CBD oil provides 5% of sales to charities including Realm of Caring, Austism One, Vote Hemp, American Brain Tumor Association, The Cancer Cure Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and Concussion Legacy Foundation, which is one of the reasons we chose them as one of the best CBD oil brands.

Elixinol not only stands out in their giveback program, but also with their ability enter untapped markets, like athletes. Their branded product delivers quality CBD oil from Colorado with new technology for ingestion, like their multi-use Respira product that is a 3-in-1 spray, food additive and vape additive.

What we dislike:

 These guys stand by their third-party lab tests that are provided online, but the labs don’t showcase a third-party.

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