Chasing the Dragon – S1E2 – Lucy Sletvold

Episode Two – Chasing the Dragon

Episode Two of Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy, “Chasing the Dragon,” features the story of Harry Anslinger’s first major drug bust in Chinese opium dens. We discuss the opioid tactics common in the 1930s, like the pushing of drugs onto young, impressionable women.

We also discuss Anslinger’s budget strategies comparing the Federal Bureau of Narcotics budget to the budget of the DEA now.  What does the budget account for? What motivated Anslinger to keep the budget so low? Are prisons included? How do they raise additional funds?

In addition, we analyze prison and arrest statistics, and question why cannabis is at the forefront of arrests.

Special Guest – Lucy Sletvold

The episode also compares historical opioid epidemics with today’s opioid epidemic while interviewing our special guest, Lucy Sletvold.

Lucy is a recovering heroin addict who is now nearly six years sober. Lucy was never a fan of alcohol or cannabis, and she doesn’t consider either of these her “gateway drug,” but she struggled with cocaine and opioid addiction through her early twenties.

Lucy and I discuss the effects of narcotics on the mind and body. They uncover the social issues of addiction and the public’s perception of the issue. Lucy shares intimate details of her life’s story – like what it was like to buy drugs, what withdrawal feels like, how she pulled a friend out of an over-dose and why she stays sober today.

Lucy also shares her successful and unsuccessful experiences at various rehabilitation centers, and offers helpful insight into any addict that is struggling to stay clean.

Lucy isn’t just an interviewee on episode two, but she is a very special guest because I’m proud to say that she is also my cousin.


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Tune in to episode 2 and listen along as we unravel Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy.

Podcast available on Think Hempy Thoughts, iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


Episode 2 of “Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy” features research from Harry Anslinger’s archives at the Harry Truman Museum and Library and statistics pulled from the Drug Policy Alliance. 

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