Common Spice Nutmeg Contains Hallucinogenic Properties

Did you know that Nutmeg, the spice commonly found in every spice rack and sold in every grocery store contains hallucinogenic properties comparable to marijuana? According to ‘Nightmare Drugs’ by Donald Louria, M.D., when taken in doses of less than 10-grams the flavoring agent Nutmeg can produceNutmeg mild euphoria, described as ‘floating,’ ‘a pickup,’ and ‘relaxation.’ Ingestion of of over 10 grams can “produce adverse effects, including rapid heart rate, excessive thirst, and profound agitation, which may induce a panic reaction.”

Even with these side-effects Nutmeg is sold in major grocery chains across the US, normally in packages containing between 60-90 grams of Nutmeg. A package containing enough of the spice to give an individual marijuana-like effects.

Yet, farmers and processors in the US have had continued problems from the DEA for growing, processing, transporting and insuring industrial hemp, a food and fiber product containing low doses of the psychoactive ingredient THC. However, even though industrial hemp contains THC, 10 grams of hemp would not induce marijuana-like effects like Nutmeg does!! Considering the side-effects of both, hemp should NOT be more heavily regulated than nutmeg!

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