Just Five Minutes Could Change Your Life

In February, some of my best friends and I submitted a “less than five minute video” for Electric Forest Music Festival’s Monarch Program explaining how we would improve the Forest experience.

Our video explained that we would build upon Electric Forest’s already successful Electricology program, further improving the environmental aspect of the music festival. We offered ideas like banning plastic straws, improving signage and hosting sustainability forums. We weren’t selected as the Monarch winner, but our five minutes made a splash.

We were later asked to become part of Electricology’s sustainability team! My friends were brought on as part of the Work Exchange Program, and given my extensive background in environmental work, I was hired as a sustainability manager– a dream of mine since 2011.

You never know what opportunities five minutes of your time can do for you & others! 

What is Electricology?

Electricology is a sustainability program started in 2012 by Erin Steel. It is owned and run by The High Five Program.

According to Michael Williams, Director of Operations:

“The Hive Five Program provides sustainable solutions for temporary communities focusing on fan engagement, patron incentivize, education and outreach.”

Rachel Wells founded The High Five Program in 2011, and since inception the program has experienced remarkable achievements: diverting waste streams, educating the masses, and keeping campgrounds and festival grounds clean, both at Electric Forest and in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gemini Production Services, a sustainable waste management company, also helps organize and maintain the festival grounds at Electric Forest.

Keeping It Clean

This kind of work is essential at major music festivals, where over 40,000 people attend for five days of jams, drinks, food, dancing and camping.

Before Gemini Production Services and Electricology joined forces, Electric Forest’s cleanup took three weeks. The pairing reduced the cleanup to eight days and this year they will make magic by turning the grounds over in 48 hours!

The process is expedited through Electricology’s program. It incentivizes patrons to pick up surrounding trash.

“After last year’s Saturday night Bassnectar show, the main stage field after a full day of trash was turned into a clean field within twenty minutes– a process that could have taken five hours without crowd support.”

– Michael Williams, Director of Operations

EcoPoints For Prizes

As the festival goers take their time to keep the Forest clean, Electricology staff provides the patrons with Eco Points. These Eco Points can be exchanged for amazing prizes!

A participant can submit their earned points to raffles by visiting any of the three Electricology stores:

  • Venue Entrance
  • Ranch Arena
  • Sherwood Court

Last year Electricology gave away Electric Forest swag, artist memorabilia, secret parties, tickets for life and more!

This year, Electricology will give away two pairs of TICKETS FOR LIFE for the Sustainable Traveler Award (for carpooling or biking) and the Leader Board Winner (the person with the most Eco Points).

So get out there, enjoy your experience and help keep the forest clean! Electricology has epic surprises in store too, so keep on the lookout.

Five minutes of your time improving your surrounding area could change your life! You never know

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