Was Harry Anslinger a Man of the People?

Annie Rouse and Mary Carneglia

A Man of the People with Special Guest Mary Carneglia

On episode three of “Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy,” we interview Mary Carneglia, the great grand niece of Harry Anslinger. Oddly enough, Mary took an opposite route than her Great Uncle Harry, and actually is a long time cannabis educator.

Mary works in a Colorado medical cannabis clinic and facilitates Cannabis Clinicians Colorado and the Medical Marijuana Professionals Conference. And if you ask Mary a large part of her efforts are geared towards reversing the cannabis stigma her uncle created.

I was fortunate to have met Mary a couple years ago at the NoCo Hemp Expo in Longmont, CO. Since then, Mary has shared amazing photos and stories with me, and so I invited her on as a guest, so that she could publically share some of those stories.

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On episode three, Mary dives into Anslinger’s personal life, like his relationship with his wife, Martha Denniston and his eight siblings. Simultaneously, Mary and I explore the details of the first cannabis plant manipulation into modern day marijuana, and the effects it had on a human test subject.

Beyond Anslinger’s personal life, a majority of this episode surrounds the test subjects’ overall physical, mentally, and social experience ingesting highly concentrated cannabis for the first time. The research was the source of a paper I found when scrolling through archives at the Harry Truman Museum and Library.

Tucked into a near empty folder, was a paper called “Bavarian Hashish.” A German plant breeder named Dr. Walther Straub writes that he had bred Indian Hemp, the source of hashish, into such high quality that it could be used to replace the foreign drug.

Dr. Straub and others extract the resin from the Indian hemp plant and formulate the concentrate into tablets, and then they conduct a medical trial, on a human test subject. The test subject descriptively and humorously shares his experiences with the doctors, formulating the foundational knowledge of the physiological effects of cannabis on humans.

If you want to learn more about this man’s experience and Commissioner Harry Anslinger’s personal life, tune in to the podcast series, “Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy.”

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