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In celebration of Hemp History Week, Think Hempy Thoughts is launching a new hemp awareness campaign called iSpyHemp!

How do you play?

It’s simple. When you are out in your everyday life and notice industrial hemp materials or products in the store, the field, a market, a facility or anywhere you find it, take a photo of the product then post the photo to social media with hashtag #iSpyHemp and tag @ThinkHempyThoughts. Every other week, Think Hempy Thoughts will select a favorite photo winner based on the content quality of your photos and captions. We will then contact you and send you Think Hempy Thoughts swag!

Why play?

iSpyHemp Awareness Campaign

iSpyHemp- written with hemp seeds, on hemp pulp paper

Why not? You can win emerging hemp products and you can be part of a movement that will change international perception of industrial hemp. The campaign is meant to drive awareness of the variety of uses for industrial hemp and to showcase ways to incorporate industrial hemp into a consumer’s everyday purchasing decisions. It will provide education on how a rapidly renewable, biodegradable material can be used to replace a multitude of high-impact materials like plastics. And it will highlight the recent innovation spurred by including industrial hemp research on the 2014 Farm Bill.

There are millions of hemp products already on the shelves- some are obvious and some are not so obvious. We challenge you to find both and share them with us! Join Think Hempy Thoughts today in our mission to advance the industrial hemp industry. We look forward to having you participate and always remember to THINK HEMPY THOUGHTS!


iSpyHemp Think Hempy Thoughts

Social media outlets: Facebook and Instagram

Hashtag: #iSpyHemp

Tag: @ThinkHempyThoughts

Selection: Every other week

Winners: Winners must provide Think Hempy Thoughts with mailing address in order to receive swag.

**Think Hempy Thoughts strives to separate industrial hemp from marijuana, so please do not post marijuana-related photos.

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