The grain is beneficial for health foods, cosmetics and industrial applications.

The grain breaks down into three components: the heart, the pressed oil, and the cake.

The heart and the cake of the hemp grain are mostly utilized as foods. The heart is the heart of the nut, or the dehulled seed. Similar to almonds, hemp’s protein compounds serve as an effective, lactose-free milk alternative. When eating it plain, it tastes similar to a sunflower seed, but is less of a hassle. It is a subtle flavor so when mixed with other foods, it takes on the flavor of that dish.  Given it’s high protein content (3lbs = 10g) and that it contains all the essential amino acids the human body needs but cannot produce, it is an excellent addition to any recipe!

After crushing the oil from the seed, a processor possesses cold pressed oil and its byproduct, the cake. Unrefined, the cake serves well as a protein powder. Refined, the cake is more commonly a dietary fiber and/or flour. Alternatively, the oil contains a high fatty acid profile with a near perfect omega 6: omega 3 ratio. This ratio makes it healthy for the human body, particularly for inflammation and digestion. Hemp oils are also natural lubricants making them effective for cosmetic applications and industrial applications. Hemp oil could be found as salad dressing, shampoo, paint, or fuel!

The oil can also be used for industrial purposes, like for bioplastics, paints, oils, varnishes and ethanol!

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