Mirror Twin Brewing Smokes Hemp Seeds for Lexington’s 2nd Hemp Ale

Mirror Twin Brewing Releases Hemp Ale

Mirror Twin Brewing Releases Hemp Ale

Mirror Twin Brewing Releases a Hemp Ale

Mirror Twin Brewing Co.  will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at National Avenue’s first annual St. Patrick’s Day block party by tapping a new beer called Wolf Cola. The beer’s name is an inspiration from the popular show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The ‘Cola’ is a hemp stout brown ale.

Mirror Twin Brewing smoked the toasted hemp seeds in hickory at DoubleH BBQ for five hours before steeping them, along with beer hops, in the boiling kettle. According to owner Derek DeFranco, the smoked toasted hemp seeds “smell awesome… and taste like sunflower seeds.” And we agree!

Mirror Twin Brewing is located at 725 National Ave in Lexington, Kentucky. The brewery is named after the owner Derek DeFranco, a right-handed lawyer turned brew master and his left-handed identical twin brother, who is the mirror image of him. Not only is the owner a twin, but the brewery also boasts a Twin Draft System.

Mirror Twin Brewing Releases Hemp Ale

Mirror Twin is the second Lexington Brewery to incorporate locally-grown and locally-processed industrial hemp seeds into one of their ales and is the first Lexington Brewery to offer a hemp ale keg to another local brewery, Blue Stallion.

The brewery is kid-friendly, dog-friendly and strives to support the community through charitable events. They have indoor and outdoor seating, plenty of televisions for games, live music performances and a massive version of the game Connect Four (Yes. You read that right. It’s awesome). And it’s not just a brewery, Mirror Twin Brewing has teamed up with popular pizza food truck, Rolling Oven, providing both businesses a shared space for combining the match-made-in-heaven—beer and pizza.

Come out to Mirror Twin Brewing this weekend for their St. Patrick’s Day block party celebration and enjoy live music, merchant vendors, food trucks, regional craft breweries and hemp beer!

Live music starts at 6PM on Friday and 5PM on Saturday.

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday 11:30AM to 12:00AM



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