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Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy

If you’re interested in exploring the fascinating and extremely twisted world of cannabis prohibition, start with exploring the life of Harry Anslinger, Chief of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930-1962 and the originator of nearly all the cannabis regulations and narcotic enforcement strategies that still exist today. In this wildly popular cannabis podcast, our writer and interviewer, Annie Rouse, explores the life of Harry Anslinger, bringing to light some of the personal elements in his life that led him to regulate cannabis, alongside the increasingly important Committee on Drug Addiction, who were responsible for creating modern day “Big Pharma.”

In Harry Anslinger: The Untold Cannabis Conspiracy, Rouse discusses Harry Anslinger and his role prohibiting cannabis and hemp production during the 1930s and 1940s while also comparing Anslinger’s strategies, major paradigm shifts and marketing strategies in the dated times in comparison with similar efforts that are occurring today. There are many markets across a variety of industries that promote cannabis, and yet its use in any application continues to be frowned upon and illegal in most states. This true story cannabis podcast, based on 10 years of archival research and interviews with industry experts, explores why cannabis remains illegal today and reveals some of the major shifts that caused cannabis prohibition to occur.

Start tuning in today to learn more about cannabis prohibition and Anslinger’s Army of Allies that helped regulate and enforce cannabis and hemp as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, despite peer-reviewed published research revealing the opposite.

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Who is Harry Anslinger?

Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy
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