Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy
Posted by | December 11, 2018
Morganization – S2 E3 – John Lupien

On Episode 3 of Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy, we investigate the financial, chemical and agricultural powers that destroyed cannabis. We also interview hemp entrepreneur and historian John Lupien about...

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Posted by | November 5, 2018
Anslinger’s Army of Allies – S2 E1 – Matt Pembleton

On Season 2 Episode 1 of Anslinger the Untold Cannabis Conspiracy, we investigate four paradigm shifts that changed the course of American identity. We also interview author of Containing Addiction,...

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Annie Rouse and Mary Carneglia
Posted by | February 15, 2018
Was Harry Anslinger a Man of the People?

A Man of the People with Special Guest Mary Carneglia On episode three of “Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy,” we interview Mary Carneglia, the great grand niece of Harry Anslinger....

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Anslinger- The untold cannabis conspiracy - no title
Posted by | February 7, 2018
Who is Harry Anslinger?

Harry Anslinger, Chief and first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, served for 32 years, from 1930-1962. Watch the major turning points in his early life that helped him...

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Dr. Jeffrey Miron Interivew
Posted by | February 6, 2018
Transcription of Harry Anslinger – America’s First Drug Czar – S1E1 – Dr. Jeffrey Miron

Transcription of Harry Anslinger, America's First Drug Czar with Dr. Jeffrey Miron, Episode 1 ***** Credits *****  Annie Rouse: [00:10:18] This series is supported by Think Hempy Thoughts. Think Hempy...

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Posted by | February 1, 2018
What Sparked Cannabis Regulation?

On Monday, February 5th, A. Rouse Production and Think Hempy Thoughts will release the podcast series, “Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy” - a narrated story that exposes the life of...

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Arthur Rouse and Annie Rouse
Posted by | January 30, 2018
Transcription of “Meet Annie Rouse – Writer, Producer, Narrator”

Transcription of "Meet Annie Rouse - Writer/Producer/Narrator Annie: Hi. My name is Annie Rouse. I am a Kentucky native, environmentalist, U.S. Fulbright Scholar, entrepreneur, hemp advocate, world traveler, master in...

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Anslinger_Drug Bust
Posted by | December 4, 2017
Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy – Podcast Coming Soon

Ten years ago, I wrote a paper in college about hemp that initiated a conversation between my dad and me. The conversation was about Harry Anslinger, the man credited for...

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