Verified Life Cycle

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vlc - hemp certification

Verified Life Cycle (VLC) is a non-profit third-party verification for industrial hemp that uses a life cycle approach to analyze the quality and performance of hemp products. We aggregate production activities and product qualities like lab testing, traceability of material, transparency in operations, product labeling and transportation impact. The verification’s label provides consumers with piece of mind that the product is of sound quality.

Mission: To guide producers and users to develop and adopt best practices for a sustainable hemp economy

Vision: We aspire to influence conscious choices in the production and purchasing of industrial hemp goods through third-party verification.

third party verification for hemp



  • We verify laboratory tests to ensure quality, reliability and consumer safety.
  • We improve product traceability.
  • We aggregate other certifications.
  • We calculate your transportation footprint.
  • We offer a platform for selling verified goods through our partner company.

The following are requirements for the Verified Life Cycle Seal:

  1. Proof of product sample testing from an ISO-17025 certified laboratory
  2. Description of sample collection process
  3. Raw Material/Product traceability
  4. Transparency in operations (product label, variety, capacity, lab tests, certifications)
  5. Transportation services
  6. Completion of affidavit
Required Laboratory Tests Raw material Processed Material Finished Product
Potency Analysis (phytocannabinoid spectrum) X X X
Microbiological Analysis X X X
Heavy Metal Analysis X X X*
Pesticide/Herbicide Analysis X X*
Residual Solvents (CBD only) X X*
Nutritional Analysis (food only) X
*necessary if laboratory testing of particular analysis is not traceable.

Once a material or product is approved, the products become available within Think Hempy Thoughts’ brokerage and online marketplace giving the consumer a completely transparent for purchasing hemp goods.

If you are interested in applying or want to learn more, please contact us!


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